Raquel Freire was born in Porto.
Publishes the short story ULISSEIA AZUL ESCURO, in the book Do branco ao negro, Sextante, 2014. Democracy, propaganda and production of truth, Serralves, 2014.
Publishes TRANSIBERIC LOVE, romance, Divina Comédia, 2013.
Prepare your next TRANSIBERICLOVE film based on
book, co-production France, Portugal.
Co-director of DREAMOCRACY, documentary, feature film. Co-production France, Portugal. Premiere in 2014.
Co-director of L’ACADEMIE, documentary, production Cinetévé, Public Sénat, France Télévisions, CNC. Premiere on French television in 2014.
Director of VIDA QUEIMA, feature film, documentary, editing, Papavanoir.

The feature documentary ESTA É A MINHA CARA will be premiering Avant-garde theater in Portugal in the 21st century, with the creators: Lúcia Sigalho, Mónica Calle, João Garcia Miguel, Miguel Moreira, Susana Vidal, Paulo Castro, Circolando; for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
He directed and produced SOS, a guerrilla documentary on racism. DVD edition in 2014.

He made Burning RASGANÇO – BURNING AUSTERITY, 10 videos for Art Protesters, exhibition “ART STABS POWER – Que vayan todos”, supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, curated by Inês Valle, 2014.

Director and screenwriter of VENENO CURA, 2nd fiction feature film that premiered in Portugal, after the world premiere at the São Paulo International Film Festival. Won the Portuguese Authors Society Award; the Best Cinema Actress Award. Produced by Paulo Branco and Tornesol Filmes, Spain.

The first was RASGANÇO, feature film, fiction Venice Festival, Competition; Montreal International Festival, Canada; among many others. Produced by Paulo Branco, Madragoa Filmes, Clap Filmes, Gemini Films France. Shown in cinemas in Portugal and France. DVD editing and reissue.
He made the short film RIO VERMELHO Torino Film Festival 1999, Official Selection-International Competition; Clermont-Ferrand Festival 2000; Leeds International Filmfestival; among many others. Debuted commercial in Portugal, 2004. Edited and re-edited on dvd by Fnac.

In 2010, he made 43 videos on violence against women for the Commission for Gender Equality, “Towards a change in behavior”.

Published the short story RESURREÇÃO in the book Mechanism of exchange by Inês de O’rey, 2010.
In 2009, a documentary about the painter Gracinda Candeias debuted: THE IMPORTANT IS NOW.

Scriptwriter from “The Laws of the Body”, “A Mulherbomba”, E-Gajas.

Debuted in staging and performance in 2009 with the show NóSOUTRXS, of which she was the creator and interpreter at Teatro Municipal São
Luiz at the invitation of the Temps d’Images Festival. http://www.raquelfreire.com/theater_P.html

He made the documentary Coimbra: banning is prohibited; the video Rasganço: interviews and reflections on the film, for the dvd of the film “Rasganço”.

Distinguished at the Festival de Cannes by the European Film Foundation as a young European producer.

Producer of the fiction and animation short film Canção Distante, by Pedro Serrazina, and the short film Anjo Negro, by Carlos Braga; Rotterdam Festival 2001, Fantasporto, Vila do Conde Festival,
among others. Co-founder and manager of the film and audiovisual production company TERRAFilmes Lda.

Co-writer of A RAIZ DO CORAÇÃO, by Paulo Rocha, feature film, fiction, Festival de Locarno 2000, among many others.